Louis vuitton is not just a bag

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Louis vuitton is not just a bag, like it has too many reasons. Want to know why as long as the Louis vuitton bag? Then listen to me introduce you to Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton luggage is a famous French brand, founded in 1854, after more than a century, has evolved into an international luxury brands, initially designed for French royalty, the royal family to provide a range of practical suitcase, suitcase and so on, after the mass consumer, but the quality of their noble position, high prices, so that can not be generally accepted by the general populace, so to go from the start line is the upper class.
Some people may disagree, even for the royal family exclusively for the what? Is not a bag it? But also more than Jin Zigui? Certainly raise the issue of people do not understand is on the Louis vuitton, and the gold has a price, Louis vuitton is priceless. Like over the years introduced several limited edition Louis vuitton, Louis vuitton bags, the price is amazing, thirty-five million are considered the normal range, how about, to have the gold price? In addition, Louis vuitton and gold to take over, is a reflection of tacky. Louis vuitton reflects a high society of the noble, elegant, beautiful temperament with a Louis vuitton of any product, Yong Rong Huagui can be seen as a feeling, but if the Louis vuitton body with an upstart, I think, distressed not only by the people, as well as watching the people.
Louis vuitton bag's design embodies a number of world-class design masters of effort, the long-standing high-end positioning, but also makes the Louis vuitton and other brands of different styles, even if you get more beautiful and Louis vuitton bag compared to all Louis vuitton bag can not cover the kind exhibited by temperament away people. Not only because of the design of the new LV bag, generous, and it has been at the forefront of fashion, fashion inherited the wind, follow the classic style, that is, with these, Louis vuitton can be enduring in the minds of the majority of users.
The back of a Louis vuitton bag, whether it is the classic Louis vuitton styles, or trendy boutique Louis vuitton, Louis vuitton definitely let you light shine in an instant charming wonderful. Women crazy because of it, although it is expensive, but it is because of this, Louis vuitton did not become the target of many women strive for.

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Louis vuitton is not just a bag

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This article was published on 2010/10/08